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          Innovative Achievements

          Soon after establishment, the R&D Center successfully developed mixed sugar electrolyte injectable and acetaminophen-methionine capsules, making us the only company in China that has this capacity. We are the first in China that successfully developed innovative drugs such as fructose injectable and fructose-sodium chloride injectable and have transferred the technologies of these products to many well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies created good social and economic benefits. Some of them are now the main profit source of the some pharmaceutical companies. In the research of high-end glucose infusion in treating insulin resistance diseases, we are in leading position in China.

          Years of huge capital input and technology accumulation allow our R&D Center to successfully developed 37 new products (10 of which have already been launched by the Group via contract manufacturers), including products for anti-infection, digestive system, cancer and related systems, CNS system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, emergency treatment and parenteral nutrition. The new products are fat emulsion amino acid (17) glucose (11%) injectable, medium- and long-chain fat emulsion/amino acid (16)/glucose (16%) injectable, compound amino acid injectable (20AA), polyene phosphatidylcholine injectable, polaprezinc granules, argiri ine glutamate injectable, Entecavir capsule, esomeprazole sodium for injectable, cinepazide maleate injectable, sodium fusidate for injectable, cefotiam hydrochloride for injectable, sodium fusidate ointment, Dorasine mesylate injectable, palonosetron hydrochloride injectable, rupatadine fumarate tablets, nalmefene hydrochloride injectable, sodium methylprednisolone succinate for injectable, levulinic acid levulinic acid tablets, fumaric acid tenofovir dipyrrolidine tablets, etc. Many of them have now been listed in the national medical insurance catalogue or local medical insurance catalogue and our products cover more than 70% of Grade III/II Level A hospitals in China with high brand awareness among physicians and patients.

          We have applied 359 invention patents/utility models, and has been granted for 153 invention patents/utility models (108 domestic, 40 overseas, and 5 utility models). At present, more than 50 new projects have been initiated and under development. More than 10 new products have been launched in the past three years and many of them have high economic value and clinical value.

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