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        Organization & Management

        After years of capital investing technical input and experiences accumulation, our R&D Center has established a systematic technical development procedure covering a wide range of disciplines. We now a young research team with more than 550 passionate young people who have PhD, master or undergraduate degrees. Our team help us to have continuous innovative capacities to lead in certain specialized fields.

        Organizational Structure

        Based on new drug research strategy and drug development procedure, we have set up more than ten departments under our R&D Center. By integrating resources of a wide range of disciplines such as chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical formulation, quality analysis, pharmacology/toxicology, clinical research and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs , we have established effective decision-making mechanism, bonus incentive mechanism, R&D quality management mechanism, intellectual property protection mechanism and talent cultivation mechanism. Those management systems have effectively promoted our innovative work in the field of generic drug development, small molecule innovative drug development as well as international project cooperation.

        Core Team Members

        Through multi-level and multi-channel talent introduction and cultivation, an excellent R&D team containing outstanding Ph.D. and master graduates from the top domestic universities along with talented returnees as its core is dedicated to our R&D Centre. The core team members as the pillar of our team are all specialists in fields of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacodynamics, Clinical Study, quality control, and regulatory affairs.

        Our FronThera scientists in USA:

        Aimed at the development of cutting-edge innovative drugs for certain fields in major pharmaceutical markets, our FronThera scientists team includes Dr. Dong Qing and Dr. Jin Bohan, senior pharmaceutical chemists, Dr. Hong Zhen, senior biological and drug target expert and Dr. Steve Kaldor, senior strategy operation expert./p>

        Dong Qing, male, born in 1965, United States of America nationality, is currently the president of FronThera. After graduated from Rice University with a PhD degree in organic chemistry, he continued his postdoctoral degree at Harvard Medical School, focusing on organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemistry. He served as the Director of Takeda Pharmaceutical R&D Center at San Diego and the Chief Scientific Officer of Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and specialized in the research of biological medicines and project management. He has made remarkable research achievements and has led or participated in a number of preclinical compound discovery - sixteen of them had entered into clinical trials in the United States or China. Among which, two had entered into phase III clinical trials.

        In 2004, Dong was awarded Chemical Achievement Award of the Drug Structure Design Department of Syrrx and Takeda San Diego President Award in 2009 for his invention of TAK-733. In 2012, he was included in the seventh list of "The Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents"

        Hong Zhen, male, United States of America nationality, with a postdoctoral degree from Department of Pathology at University of Southern California, is currently serving as the senior vice president of biological and pharmaceutical development in FronThera. He was the Director and clinical assistant professor of Gene Therapy Department, Otology Institute at University of Southern California during 1996-2002; the Director of Experimental and Molecular Pathology at Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. San Diego during 2002-2003; and the Executive Director of the Experimental and Molecular Pathology of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. during 2003-2017. He has led or participated in series of clinical compound R&D projects and several had entered clinical trials in the United States, including Spinraza, which is the first drug to treat spinal muscular atrophy and was approved by US FDA in 2016.

        Jin Bohan, male, United States of America nationality, with a postdoctoral degree from University of Notre Dame, is currently the Vice President of Chemistry in FronThera. He worked as a senior scientist in Takeda Pharmaceutical during 2006-2012; and the Chief Scientific Officer of C2 Biochemical Company during 2012-2015. He is an expert in SBDD and FBDD and has extensive experiences in project early researches.

        Other scientists of the Group:

        Ye Qiang, male, Master of Biomedical Engineering and PhD of Interdisciplinary Biophysics at University of Virginia, USA, is currently the Chief Scientist of Global Development of Haisco Group's R&D Center. With 24 years of experience in all phases of drug development (from R&D to Phase I/II/III to NDA/drug life cycle management), he is a drug development leader and a CMC development specialist. With his leadership, his team had obtained for more than 30 INDs and 4 NDAs/MAS approvals. He was also granted 28 patents and released over 50 publications. He was once the Senior Director of QLT and Director/Senior Director of Otonom, responsible for chemical/biochemical, formulation and drug release, drug-equipment combination, analysis, process and manufacturing development, as well as release of formulation and controlled drugs, analysis and process development. His expertise and experience cover various of therapeutic areas, including the development of small molecules, proteins, peptides and oligonucleotide drugs. He is also experienced in resource and partnership maintenance and CMO/CRO management.

        Dr. Ye was the chairman of the Arden Conference and Asian Pharmaceutical Technologies Arden Conference in 2011, the Chairman of the AAPS Sterile Product Focus Group during in 2010 and 2011, and the Chairman of the National Biotechnology Conference in 2013.

        Xiao Zifan, male, Swedish nationality, is currently the chief scientist officer (CSO) leading dry powder inhalation product development at the R&D center, Haisco cooperation. He obtained a Licentiate degree in environmental chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology and a Ph.D degree at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in Oct. 1990 and Feb. 1995, respectively. He has published about 30 academic articles in various international journals on atmospheric and environmental chemistry as the first author or a co-author. He jointed AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical in 1997, as a senior scientist in the Pharmaceutical and Analytic Development. He worked first at AZ R&D in Lund and later on moved to AZ R&D in Gothenburg (Molndal). He participated mainly two types of product development, dry powder inhalation (DPI) and oral drugs. During this period, AZ launched several DPI products, among which, He worked actively with Pulmicort (Budesonide) Turbuhaler M3 and Symbicort (Budesonide + Formoterol) M3. In addition, as a core leading team member, he has organized and participated the development of the next generation DPI device (T3), including the device design, the formulation development and comprehensive results analysis and evaluation. Based on the excellent results obtained, in 2002, the decision makers responsible for COPD/Asthma therapeutics at AZ, approved that the T3 device shall be used as the platform for later DPI product development.

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