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R&D Focus

In the prioritized fields, our R&D center has achieved the launch in excess of 30 new drugs which are now commercially available for the benefit of society, enabling us to lead the industry domestically in segments of the market. Currently, our main focus is on the following two fields:

Innovative chemical generic drugs:

 By applying modern technoliogy, we are able to systematic, multi-disciplinary and integrated researches on projects with high technical barriers and large-scale investment and long development period requirements such as multi-chamber bag parenteral nutrition preparation, oral controlled-release/sustained-release preparations, inhalants, etc, to build our core competitive advantages. After years of technical accumulation and efficient R&D project management, our R&D Center now has initiated more than 30 projects of those kinds in the fields of parenteral nutrition, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestion and respiration. Breakthroughs have already been made for some of them and more than 10 varieties have reached registration stage.

Innovative small molecule chemical drugs:

Our R&D Center has established Me-better innovative drug research platforms in the areas of anesthesia, diabetes and complications, respiratory, tumors, etc.. We are in our best efforts to become a professional company specializing in research and development of small molecule chemical drugs. Our major innovative drugs at the clinical or preclinical stages are as follows:

The R&D Center has buildings that are designated for generic drug research, innovative drug research and pilot test base. The laboratory has the capability to undertake raw material process researches, preparation process researches, quality researches and other experimental subjects. The pilot test base consists of plants engaged in studies of oral preparations, raw materials, multi-chamber bag injectables and powder inhalations, and has the capability to undertake pilot scale-up researches on high-tech new products such as controlled-release/sustained-release preparations, multi-chamber bag parenteral nutrition preparation and powder inhalation preparations. Equipped with more than 100 advanced precision instruments including NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, preparative HPLC, atomic absorption spectrometer, emulsion detector, UV spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, high pressure homogenizer and ELIASA, our R&D center provides our researchers with first-class experimental conditions in China and ensures the innovative studies in our focused R&D fields.
The Group has a professional Innovative Drug and Generic Drug Project Evaluation and Development Committee. More than 40 projects have been approved or are under approval. In the next three years, more than twenty innovative drugs and high-end generic drugs are expected to be launched. 

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