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       Employment Philosophy

      Our vision in talents management

      Attracting, developing and retaining talents to ensure long-term development and continued success of Haisco Group.

      Talents management concepts

      Every employee is the treasure of the company.

      Make every employee be highly valued.

      Employees are encouraged to exert the best out of themselves.

      Talents management is made in an open and honest manner via continuous communications.

      Talents management is the joint responsibility of every employee and his or her supervisor and is fully supported by the management.

      Talents management should be impartial and human-based.

      Talents management requires clearly defined standards and clearly cut responsibilities and quality, uniform and transparent implementation is the essence.

      Performance management

      Haisco has a complete set of work performance management system to help employees objectively and accurately evaluate their competence level and better know the room for their career development. It is closely associated with the talent development system.

      Talent development

      In Haisco, performance management is closely associated with talent development. The talent development system is activated to improve the work capacity and qualities of the employee via multiple channels when the development room of an employee is made clear via the performance management system.

      Communications with talents

      We help our employees through multiple channels once they are in need. We convey to them the latest development strategies and momentum of the company and are eager to better know about their true thoughts. An improved work environment helps to enhance employee satisfactory.

      Periodic investigations on the opinions of employees are made with a view to comprehensively evaluating the overall operation conditions of the company. The opinions of employees of every subsidiary and every functional department are sought. This allows us to find out our advantages and disadvantages. More importantly, we continuously follow up the work after the investigation. Findings are analyzed by employees and the management jointly before an action plan is formulated. After evaluation, we make prompt adjustment.

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