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      Enterprise Honor

      For many years, sea cisco has been in the pursuit of innovation, constantly exploration and practice, the group established responsibilities, the company responsible, coordinated operation, effective check and balance of the corporate governance structure, the enterprise internal formed a scientific and complete management system and operation machine company product development a significant breakthrough, so far, the total completed more than 40 a new drug product innovation imitation, of which nearly half products for the domestic alone (first) home innovation imitation, fill a number of domestic market blank.

      The 2010 tax advanced enterprise

      2010 safety production advanced collective

      In 2011 the brilliant science and technology innovation enterprise

      2011 superior unit

      2011 standard units

      2008 good investment

      2009 good investment

      2010 good investment

      2011 excellent investment enterprise

      Excellent socialist builders

      Invention patent certificate

      Science and technology award certificate

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