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          In 2000, Chengdu Borui Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Haisco Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., was founded.

          In 2004, Haisco achieved a new drug certificate of invert sugar injection, filling the market gap in China in insulin resistance therapy. This is of epoch-making significance in the chinese clinical treatment, demonstrating Haisco's leading position in the research of high-end nutritional therapy drugs.

          In 2005, Liaoning Haisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the first production-based subsidiary of Haisco Group, was established. Since then, the Group has been known as a company integrating research, production and sales of medicine.

          In 2007, Sichuan Haisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established. Haisco steadily increased its production scale.

          In 2010, Haisco reformed its organizational structure, marking a new era of group operations.

          In 2012, Haisco was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Haisco established its innovative medicine development team to enter the innovative medicine discovery and development arena.

          In 2014, Hongkong Haisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established to expand its business globally.

          In 2016, Haisco started the pharmaceutical financial business and set up an industrial merger and acquisition fund to facilitate its entry into overseas markets.

          In 2017, Haisco accelerated its innovation initiatives, and completed the acquisition of FrontThera, a US company. The successful acquisition kicked off the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in chemical and biological researches to develop Me-better or Best in Class medicine by study on the new drug targets newly reported in the industry.

          In 2018, Haisco established its "National Postdoctoral Research Center" and achieved the certificate of "Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management Systems". In the same year, Haisco made significant progress in the research of small molecule innovative medicine, and its anaesthetic, which is categorized as the 1.1 innovative medicine entered the phase III clinical trial in China, and the clinical trials of its long-acting drugs to treat diabetes and specific tumors are conducted smoothly. In addition, Haisco successfully launched its "Joint Office" marketing model.

          Haisco will make diversified business surrounding the pharmaceutical and health-care value chain,and prioritize to develop the new innovative technology and products, also is Haisco going to execute its aggressive global strategy.

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