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    Haisco Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haisco" or "the Company"), founded in 2000, is a listed pharmaceutical group company with diverse interests in the areas of drug development, manufacturing, and sales. The Company ranks highly among the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in terms of its R&D capacity, who has the biggest share of the market segment of parenteral nutrition and is a top-ranking manufacturer of medicine for liver diseases in China. Haisco currently has more than 2,200 employees, including 32 with PhDs and 203 with master's degrees.

    The Company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Jan. 17, 2012. In 2018, it achieved sales worth a total of CNY 3.427 billion and profits of CNY 333 million.
    Haisco has a strong technical capability. The R&D center has 390 researchers, including PhD- or master's degree holders, dedicated to therapeutic areas of parenteral nutrition, oncology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-virus medicine, endocrine, and central nervous system, and more than 100 projects launched in innovative drugs and high-end generic drugs. Haisco currently has research 6 Class I new drugs under research, and plans to market its first innovative drug in around 2019. Inside the R&D center are independent generic drug and new drug buildings, pilot workshops and animal facilities, etc. The center is equipped with a complete suite of advanced research facilities and instruments that place it at the forefront of product development in the domestic field of parenteral nutrition. The Company has successfully developed 57 products since its establishment in 2000, including 20 first generic drugs (over 35% of the total).
    Wherein 37 products are on sale, and most of the products are to fill the gaps in domestic market or those of insufficient varieties available. With one key product, the Tian Xing® polyene phosphatidyl choline injection, the company has a share of 9.80% in the liver-protection drug market; with another product, Li Bi Fu® dolasetron mesylate injection (a national health insurance Category B drug), the company has a share of 23% in the overall market. Le Pan® flupentixol-melitracen tablet, La Fu Wei® tenofovir disoproxil fumarate tablet, and Gan Pei Qing® entecavir capsule of the Company have passed the state's generics consistency review. At the same time, the Company is also the only domestic enterprise having a complete product offering in the field of parenteral nutrition. The core products are in multi-chamber bags: Quan Ying Da® fat emulsion, amino acids (17) and glucose (11%) injection and Quan Xiang® medium-and-long-chain fat emulsion, amino acids (16) and glucose (16%) injection, amino acid series, sugars and electrolyte series, and micronutrient series.
    Haisco has established a sound sales network and mature marketing channels. The Company has, based on the principle of "strategic cooperation and benefit sharing", built a large sales network that covers major provinces and cities across the country. Guided by our corporate orientation of "scientific marketing, brand marketing, channel marketing, and end consumers as king", we have made use of a myriad of marketing approaches and worked from various points of innovation to effect broad, achieving transformative changes to refining, systematization, and platformization. Currently, the Company employs over 350 sales personnel and nearly 5,000 management representatives, with a reach of over 7,000 secondary and above-level hospitals.

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